ActionSA Notes the Independent Investigation on Pikitup and Calls Mayor Gwamanda to Retract Allegations Against ActionSA

ActionSA Joburg Caucus welcomes the independent investigation into allegations levelled against Pikitup officials. These are the officials who have been fingered for rigging employment processes, cadre deployment, and nepotism.

As ActionSA, we are exonerated by this deliberation; this clearly reaffirms our position in the Pikitup saga. It was our conviction that this matter be investigated; the culprits must face the full might of the law.

We took a stance to support Pikitup casual workers after they reached out to us. This came after being ignored by the arrogant ANC/EFF Coalition of Doom and the puppet mayor.

The ANC/EFF Coalition of Doom has no appetite for addressing any issue that involves workers; they continue to mistreat them.

We will continue to advocate for the rights of the downtrodden, however, we do not condone vandalism of property or infringement of the rights of both workers and the residents of Johannesburg.

The impasse between Pikitup casual workers and the management is a perfect example of a leaderless City that is riddled with corruption.

Instead of addressing the workers plight, this uncaring administration under the arrogant ANC puppet Mayor Kabelo Gwamanda resorted to litigation and name-calling.

There is evidence of corruption levelled against Pikitup, yet the mayor has decided to activate his defensive mode. Gwamanda has made damning and baseless accusations against ActionSA leadership and its councillors. We are not taking these allegations lying down.

We demand a public apology from the Executive Mayor, within two working days and if he fails to do so, ActionSA will take drastic legal action against him in his personal capacity.

Gwamanda cannot continue making mistakes, knowing that the city will pay for his misinterpretations.