ActionSA Notes the Rejection of the DA’s Motion to Dissolve the City of Joburg Council

ActionSA has noted the rejection of the DA’s motion to dissolve the City of Joburg Council. In an attempt to further its political theatrics, the DA today tabled a ludicrous motion proposing the dissolution of the Joburg Council.

It is not lost on us that the DA is represented by 71 councillors in the City of Johannesburg but only managed to cobble together 63 votes for their ill-fated motion with the assistance of the ACDP. This, in addition to the DA’s failure to consult its former partners, shows that this motion was a farce.

This motion was rejected by the majority of political parties including former members of the multi-party coalition. The DA cited political instability as a reason for this proposal, despite the DA being the one that collapsed no fewer than 4 viable attempts to take back control of the City this year.

We urge Joburg residents, particularly DA voters to consider this, a few months back, the DA voted with the ANC and the EFF to increase the salaries of councillors, made no effort to reach out to its partners to solicit support for this motion, and had 8 of its councilors absent in the vote for this motion. Voters must be cautious of double-tongued parties that say one thing publicly but do another privately.

Instead of staging political theatrics, the DA needs to accept and respect the will of the people of Joburg and work towards forming a solid alternative to the ANC. The DA’s delusional and misguided assumption that a blitz election may provide them with an outright majority smacks of entitlement and undermines the will of the people of Joburg.

The DA appears to be waiting for a convenient moment to provide leadership to the residents of Joburg who suffer from the effects of a failed government. The reality is that the city and its residents need a turnaround now. The fact that the DA’s only proposed solution is to collapse the council, reveals how the votes of DA supporters have been wasted in 2021.

ActionSA remains committed to cooperating with like-minded parties in forming a credible alternative to the ANC/EFF coalition. We continue to urge the DA to get off its high horse and consider cooperating with other partners in order to restore stability in the city of Johannesburg.