ActionSA Pickets and Hands Memorandum to eThekwini Metro Municipality Speaker

ActionSA is outraged to learn that an African National Congress (ANC), Mzimuni Ngiba, ward 101 councillor in the eThekwini Municipality is still receiving his remuneration from the Municipality, despite being behind bars for the past 12 months on the charge of murder.

Therefore, we decided to picket outside the Durban City Hall and hand over a memorandum of demand to the Speaker of the Municipality, Thabani Nyawose, demanding that there be an immediate removal of the councillor from the Metro.

It is puzzling how this has gone undetected for almost a year, whilst the councillor has missed more than 3 council meetings in the Municipality, which is a violation of the Code of Conduct for Councillors under section 4.2, which states that: “A councillor who is absent from three or more consecutive meetings of a municipal council, must be removed from office as a councillor.”

Therefore, the Speaker must publically apologise for his failure to act timeously, which has resulted in the payment of R541 681 which is the total gazetted remuneration package of eThekwini Metro councillors, and as a result of this, this amount should be regarded and recorded as wasteful expenditure by his office.

We have demanded that the Speaker gives an explanation about the status of ward 54 councillor, who was also arrested for murder in February of 2022, and is out on bail.

Although ward 54 councillor has been on the ANC’s ‘Step Aside’ rule, but just like Ngiba, he too has been receiving his remuneration for over a year, despite not doing community work as expected from a councillor.

In accepting our memorandum, the Speaker has vowed that conclusive action to remove Ngiba as a councillor in the Metro and from the Metro’s payroll will be concluded by the end of May. We will then monitor this and ensure that the Speaker tables the item in the next council meeting.