ActionSA Private Prosecutions Draws First Blood

ActionSA is proud to announce that the SAPS have confirmed that the criminal case (CAS:464/12/2018) that I laid against Mayor Geoff Makhubo and former Mayor Parks Tau is being investigated by its Serious Commercial Crime division.

In October last year, ActionSA launched a series of private prosecutions against those who continue to allude prosecution despite damning evidence against them.

One such case was the litany of evidence alleging a criminally corrupt relationship Makhubo and Tau had with Regiments Capital.

Part of the evidence included in the 2018 charges was laid bare before the Zondo Commission on 27 November 2020 and more is expected upon Makhubo’s return to the Commission.

Our initial engagements with the NPA and law enforcement agencies revealed that little, if anything, had been done with the case laid in 2018. As a matter of fact, the NPA confirmed that they had no knowledge whatsoever of the case at all, demonstrating how political elites remain protected by our criminal justice system.

The confirmation by the SAPS of this investigation is the first major breakthrough in the private prosecutions announced by ActionSA. It demonstrates why civic organisations have an essential role to play to hold those in our criminal justice system to account for their actions and/or inactions.

ActionSA will closely monitor this investigation to ensure the Mayor of Johannesburg is arrested and faces his day in the criminal courts of our country. This is the only comfort that we can offer the people of Johannesburg about their city being presided over by an individual heavily implicated as a major figure in the ANC’s organised capture of our State.

At any point, ActionSA believes that this investigation, or the NPA’s decision to prosecute, is being delayed or interfered with, our legal teams stand poised and ready to approach the courts.

While ActionSA celebrates this important breakthrough, we remain focussed on the private prosecutions of Mike McChesney and Mine Management at Lily Mine, former MMC of Housing in the City of Johannesburg, Dan Bovu, and Mbali McClare.

We are resolute that our criminal justice system will only work without fear or favour when the ANC is removed from national government. While we work to unseat the ANC across South Africa, we will continue to use private prosecutions to ensure that the politically connected criminals face justice.