ActionSA Proposes Power-Sharing Government in eThekwini Metro

ActionSA has taken the initiative to propose a power-sharing government in the eThekwini Metropolitan Municipality, as we can no longer allow residents to be subjected to such impertinence from the African National Congress (ANC).

To bring stability back into the eThekwini Municipality, we propose that the 3 major opposition parties, the Democratic Alliance (DA), Inkatha Freedom Party (IFP) and the Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) share power within the Municipality and share office bearer positions, such as that of the Mayor, the Deputy Mayor and the Speaker of the Metro, which will allow the parties to share portfolio committee chairperson positions.

However, should the DA be reluctant to form a coalition with the EFF, we propose that we allow for the IFP and EFF to share office bearer positions, and allow the DA to take a majority of 3 chairpersons of portfolio committee positions, leaving the two to the EFF and the IFP.

Just a few hours after the collapse of the meeting, ActionSA wrote to all political parties of eThekwini – Except the ANC – proposing this matter of a power-shared government, and we hope that all parties will put the needs of the residents of eThekwini first and give us positive responses that’ll help rebuild eThekwini (Letter attached).

We believe that these are discussions that opposition and minority parties should start having amongst themselves in order to save the failing Metro from the clutches of the ANC.

As a party that believes in transparency, we will ensure that all processes and conversations regarding this coalition proposal be publicly shared with the people of eThekwini in order to restore their trust in the government that will potentially govern in the near future.

Should these conversations be successful, we encourage all parties that will be involved in the coalition to adopt and practise transparency and ensure that no decision is taken in secrecy.

This decision must be made for the enrichment of the lives of people in the eThekwini’s Municipality, who have been subjected to substandard service delivery for years.

ActionSA is very passionate about bringing much-needed change to people’s lives and we hope other parties share our commitment.