ActionSA Proud of First Legal Victory for Mabila and Tshwenu Families

ActionSA is proud of the Party’s very first legal victory where a settlement agreement for the Mabila and Tshwenu families was achieved with the Gauteng Provincial Government.

ActionSA have pursued the matter since Siyabonga Mabila, 7, and Lawrence Tshwenu, 4, drowned in an unsecured quarry on 27 February 2021 just behind their homes in Skierlik informal settlement in Mamelodi, Tshwane.

While the settlement agreement with the Provincial Government is welcomed, it will not bring back the two children and the sense of loss the families experienced. No parent in this world should ever have to find themselves in a position to have to bury their children.

This is a landmark legal victory for ActionSA, a Party that was launched just over two years ago.

ActionSA will continue to fight for neglected communities across the country, including the families of the Hammanskraal boys who also drowned under similar circumstances of State negligence.

The Party is committed to social justice and redress to ensure that the harmful legacy of the past is reversed.