ActionSA Proud of Open Association with Donors

ActionSA notes today’s release of the 2nd quarter funding disclosures in terms of the Political Party Funding Act (PPFA).

From the outset ActionSA is proud of our association with our donors. These are South Africans who are committed to South Africa and have generously donated to its political future. Importantly, our donors have been willing to do so openly and transparently in the manner envisioned by the PPFA.

Our donors have communicated their satisfaction with ActionSA’s electoral showing and, already, ActionSA has received increased interest from funders across the board. There is an overwhelming interest in the expansion of ActionSA to the 9 provinces of South Africa.

ActionSA re-commits itself to full compliance with the PPFA and recognises the role played by officials in the Political Party Funding Unit of the IEC who have been exemplary in their support of political parties.

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