ActionSA Rallies to Unite And Reject the Failing ANC in The Eastern Cape

ActionSA is encouraged by the collaborative efforts of opposition parties, civic organizations, and members of the business community in Enoch Mgijima over the past weekend.

The unity demonstrated by these stakeholders instils hope and provides a clear directive for Eastern Cape residents – to unite in rejecting the failing ANC government.

Enoch Mgijima has been marred by a profound lack of service delivery, pervasive corruption, and poor governance. It is the same municipality where the Hawks conducted a raid on its offices concerning the controversial R15 million dodgy Lesseyton Stadium Tender. Additionally, it has yet to provide sufficient support for flood victims from earlier this year. Compounding these issues, the municipality faces a staggering R1 billion Eskom debt.

The state of affairs in Enoch Mgijima is an excellent reflection or microcosm of the ANC failures in the Eastern Cape, as stated in the recent Public Protector Report and South Human Rights Commssion Report (SAHRC). These reports highlight the disastrous state of the province, with the SAHRC requesting a state of disaster be declared due to over 100 child deaths from malnutrition.

The SAHRC report reveals widespread insufficient food access for children, leading to malnutrition and hunger. Between April 2021 and March 2022, 1087 children in the Eastern Cape suffered from severe acute malnutrition, leading to 116 fatalities. This is inconceivable in the 21st century.

There is an obvious correlation between the two reports, both highlighting the ongoing failure of the Mabuyane-led ANC Government to meet the needs of the people of the Eastern Cape, showcasing a lack of care or, at a minimum, incompetence. The investigation by the Public Protector has revealed significant shortcomings resulting from a lack of timely, comprehensive, and effective governance and service delivery.

The key concerns underscored in the report revolve around inadequate access to clean water and proper sanitation. The Chris Hani District Municipality (CHDM) is grappling with challenges related to aging water infrastructure and insufficient maintenance, resulting in severe deficiencies in delivering quality water services to its communities. It is evident that these challenges directly contravene the standards set by the Constitution and accompanying legislation.

ActionSA consistently highlights the failures of the current government because, if not held accountable, their demonstrated lack of care has proven to be fatal and has a severe impact on the quality of life for Eastern Cape residents.

In reiterating our commitment to reforming South Africa, ActionSA remains steadfast in holding the current government accountable and advocating for an improved quality of life for our people.

We urge fellow South Africans to unite, reject the ANC, and stand up to be counted among those fighting for a better and thriving province. We also have the collective responsibility as citizens who seek change, to ensure that we recognise the importance of registering to vote and participating in the upcoming 2024 elections.

No Vote. No Voice. No Change. Together, we can shape a brighter future for all.