ActionSA Ready to Bring Inclusive and Prosperous Change in Coming Elections

ActionSA welcomes the Constitutional Court’s judgment handed down this afternoon. The judgment requires that the Independent Electoral Commission (IEC) ensure that the coming Local Government Elections take place between the 27th of October 2021 and the 1st of November 2021. The Constitutional Court has once again proven that they stand ready to be residents’ last line of defence against those who would support the continued existence of a political status quo that fails citizens.

We have long held that it was indeed possible to hold elections following the conclusion of our own, first of its kind, candidate election processes in Gauteng at the end of June. Through this process, we  ran the most participative candidate elections which threw open the process to all residents of wards and municipalities. We now stand ready to deliver inclusive and prosperous change to the metros of Gauteng and the people of Kwa-Zulu Natal in eThekwini, Newcastle, and KwaDukuza.

It is now incumbent on the IEC to ensure that all steps are taken to open the Voters’ Roll and ensure that every eligible South African, particularly the youth, are allowed to elect ethical, competent, and committed representatives to local government.

The IEC must work to re-open the Voters’ Roll until the very last possible moment. A failure to properly re-open the Voters’ Roll before the Local Government Elections would disenfranchise many South Africans, predominantly young South Africans who became recently eligible.

Over the coming days, ActionSA will present these candidates to the people of their municipalities and South Africans in general. We are immensely proud of the candidates that we have put forward, but we cannot take the credit because it was the residents of these communities and municipalities who we trusted to make the right decisions.

Finally, to date, the IEC has shown poor leadership in ensuring South Africans have confidence in the coming election process – it is now high time for them to step up to the plate and perform their constitutional duty.

ActionSA is ready for these elections. Whether they take place in October or November, we will deliver a positive election campaign that offers hope to the people of South African that we can start the project to fix South Africa.

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