ActionSA registers with the IEC

I am proud to announce that, today, ActionSA has registered with the Independent Electoral Commission (IEC), following the launch of the party on 29 August 2020.

ActionSA underwent the registration process immediately after its launch, which included obtaining the signatures of 500 registered voters who support the establishment of our new party.

I am pleased to say that our teams on the ground obtained the signatures of well over 1000 registered voters within just a matter of hours. Our teams reported that they were inundated by the number of people who wanted to sign this important deed of foundation.

We have registered as a political party at a national level, across all 9 provinces, because our ultimate goal – irrespective of where we contest next year’s local government election – will be to challenge for national power in the 2024 General Elections.

Our registration is yet another milestone in this project to deliver a real alternative to the people of South Africa, who have been failed by their political system, and have expressed their wishes for ActionSA to be the party to unite our country around a vision for a prosperous future.

I believe it is highly appropriate that we register this party the day after President Ramaphosa announced the move to level 1 lockdown regulations, because we will dedicate ActionSA to being the party of economic solutions that will create jobs and prosperity for all South Africans. 

Our registration today is a proud moment for ActionSA and the millions of South Africans who have participated in the dialogue that laid the foundation of our new party.

Issued by:

Herman Mashaba