ActionSA Reiterates Calls for the City of Tshwane to Make Infrastructure Maintenance Plans Public

ActionSA in Tshwane reiterates our calls for the City of Tshwane Municipality to make its infrastructure maintenance plans public following another fire at Mooikloof substation that has plunged residents into darkness and remains unresolved for over a week.

Residents of suburbs such as Mooikloof, Moreleta Park, Olympuis, Woodlands, Pretorius Park, and parts of Garsfontein have been affected.

Earlier this year, residents of Pretoria East suffered the same misfortune when the Wapadrand substation caught fire. We made calls then for the City to prioritize infrastructure maintenance. Seemingly, these calls fell on deaf ears and now another substation has burnt down, disadvantaging thousands of rate and taxpayers.

Every day without electricity not only hurts residents but threatens jobs at businesses that cannot afford alternative power sources, resulting in dire consequences on the livelihoods of those who need these jobs the most.

ActionSA wrote to the City of Tshwane in July this year requesting that they make maintenance plans public. We reiterate that call. A metropolitan city the size of Tshwane must have infrastructure maintenance plans, and if they do, it shouldn’t be a problem to make them public.

The era of incompetence is over, the election of ActionSA in Tshwane means that there will be action and accountability at all times. We will push for the City of Tshwane to make public their infrastructure maintenance plans  we remain on hand to assist the City in formulating these plans if they do not have them in place.