ActionSA Rejects ANC’s Decision to Hike Fuel Costs Hours After Gazette of E-tolls Scrapping

ActionSA finds the ANC administration’s decision to announce the fuel price hike mere hours after the gazette announced the scrapping of e-tolls dubious.

It appears that the government has decided to transfer the burden to Gauteng motorists, raising the crucial question of why the debt has been turned into a Gauteng province issue while SANRAL ought to be held accountable for the choice to erect these gantries in the first place.

This development comes only weeks after Gauteng Premier Panyaza Lesufi announced that the government would be permanently removing e-tolls, which was a long-overdue decision. It is tragic that it took this long for it to be scrapped, however many questions still remain.

Over a year has passed since the Premier’s inaugural State of the Province Address, where he promised to begin the process of delinking and switching off e-tolls.

We reject any efforts by the government to place this financial burden on Gauteng motorists who were not sufficiently engaged prior to the e-toll system’s installation.

We demand a comprehensive explanation as to why the fuel price Increase as recently announced will only be applicable to the Gauteng province.

ActionSA maintains that the timing of this commitment, which was made only three months before the 2024 election, is yet another clear example of this government’s manipulation of power to benefit the ANC’s re-election strategy.

For years, ActionSA and the residents of Gauteng have raised our objections to this system, which was enforced without thorough consultation, resulting in motorists and commuters having to pay thousands.

Furthermore, announcements and deadlines have been made and missed by the government to scrap the system. Just last year, in January, Lesufi promised that R6.9 billion would be refunded to the 17.9% of Gauteng drivers who have been paying e-tolls; however, that did not transpire.

ActionSA is confident that the focus of the people of Gauteng is on unseating the ANC in the next 88 days and putting the province on a path of recovery by electing a new government that will implement credible solutions.