ActionSA Rejects KZN Premier’s Decision to Defund the KZN Growth Fund Trust & Launches Petition

ActionSA rejects the decision made by the Office of the Premier in KZN to defund the KZN Growth Fund Trust (KZNGFT) for the Youth Empowerment Fund, slashing its budget by R100 million and redirecting it towards non-profit institutions.

In a Province grappling with soaring youth unemployment, many young people have been spurred to develop innovative business concepts aimed at sustaining themselves and their families. However, the primary obstacle they face is the lack of capital to kickstart their initiatives, compelling them to seek government assistance. Regrettably, the very government they turn to has now emerged as an adversary, quashing the remaining hope for a better life.

This decision by the ANC-led government exposes a desire to stifle the youth, consigning them to a perpetual cycle of poverty and dependency on government handouts.

Previously, the government budgeted R50 million towards the KZNGFT, but it was ultimately increased to R100 million due to its high demand.

One cannot begin to comprehend the desire to cease the trust after many members of the youth previously benefited from the trust, allowing those who were previously disadvantaged to break the cycle of poverty.

Therefore, ActionSA urges the youth to rise up and reject this decision, recognising its potential to cripple their aspirations. We call upon the young people of our province to unite against this decision, understanding that its sole intention is to shackle them and deny them a future free from the constraints of meagre government handouts.

As a commitment to prioritizing the welfare of our youth, ActionSA pledges to increase the KZNGFT budget to an impressive R200 million when in government. This substantial increase aims to provide robust support for the youth, enabling them to breathe life into their creative endeavours, fostering job creation, and fortifying the province’s economy.