ActionSA Sends Condolences to Those Affected by Turkey-Syria Earthquake

ActionSA sends our sincere condolences to the families affected by the Turkey-Syria earthquake where close to 16,000 people have died, and several thousand more have been displaced.

The devastating earthquake on Monday has caused a humanitarian crisis in Syria and Turkey with international aid agencies struggling to deploy additional aid and reach affected individuals due to adverse weather conditions in the region.

The World Health Organization estimates up to 23 million people could be affected by the earthquake across both countries.

ActionSA hopes that those affected receive continuous help needed to safeguard their dignity through this natural crisis, and that essential services are restored to the regions affected.

ActionSA also wishes the South African humanitarian aid organisation Gift of the Givers well in its efforts to assist those affected by the Turkey-Syria earthquake.

At a time of humanitarian crisis, the international community should show solidarity and work together to assist those in need as soon as possible.