ActionSA Thanks Outgoing Councillor Nkuli Mbundu for Helping to Begin the Work to Fix Johannesburg

ActionSA thanks outgoing City of Johannesburg Councillor, Nkuli Mbundu, for his contribution over the past 18 months to help fix the country’s economic hub and bring hope to many who have been let down by established political parties.

Councillor Mbundu has been a key part of ActionSA’s caucus since I personally recruited him to leave the private sector to join our movement and become a Member of the Mayoral Committee (MMC). During his time in office, he helped push through a number of innovative solutions, including the city’s informal trading policy and helping to create over 5000 jobs.

Considering the continued instability in the city’s coalition and after speaking to me and other leaders, we believed he would be utilised to work closely with me and give his attention to Project 2024 to remove the ANC and fix this country.

ActionSA wishes Mbundu well as he leaves the city’s council and looks forward to working with him to strengthen and equip our party in the all-important 2024 elections where we’ll seek to unseat the ANC and fix South Africa.

ActionSA is a political party committed to ethical leadership and Mbundu represented these values during his time in public service. We hope that his leadership becomes an example for others to follow as we prepare for the 2024 elections and beyond.