ActionSA to engage South Africans around solutions needed for Economic Prosperity

This week, ActionSA will be engaging South Africans around the solutions needed to build a prosperous and inclusive economy that will create jobs for the almost 12 million unemployed South Africans. This forms part of our consultative policy development process ahead of our inaugural Policy Conference in September.

Fixing the economy is central to building a future for South Africa we call all be proud of. South Africa has one of the highest sustained unemployment rates in the world, and 26 million citizens depend on grants to survive. To fix South Africa, we must ensure that all South Africans are genuine counterparts in a dynamic and vibrant economy where prosperity is shared by all.

ActionSA believes that the best way to do this is for government to step back, remove the barriers to job creation, improve the ease of doing business, and enable a competitive market-based economy that will see our country flourish.

But, as part of our consultative policy development process, we are embarking on a series of engagements with experts, internal structures, and the public to enrich the solutions we table at our Policy Conference between 12 and 14 September.

Starting with the topic of Economic Prosperity, we are calling on all South Africans – whether they are an academic expert, a healthcare provider, teacher, law enforcement officer, business owner, or any one of the countless individuals who have demonstrated their ingenuity in dealing with our many challenges – to engage around these 11 topics and share their ideas about how we can fix South Africa together.

Submissions can be made on our online platform at Consultation and engagement are part of ActionSA’s DNA, so we want to give all South Africans the opportunity to get involved in shaping the plans needed to fix South Africa. Together with the inputs of those who deal with our most pressing challenges on a daily basis – including load shedding, crime and joblessness – we believe that ActionSA will provide that alternative.

Together, we can fix South Africa.