ActionSA To Investigate the Conduct of Two Tshwane MMCs

ActionSA’s Senate met this evening and deliberated on a complaint that has arisen about the conduct of two ActionSA MMCs in the City of Tshwane, Councillors Andre le Roux and Kgosie Kgosiemang.

It was brought to ActionSA’s attention yesterday that a property owner had communicated their intention to raise the asking price above an independent valuation, at least in part, because of a meeting held with the two ActionSA MMCs.

ActionSA’s Senate deliberated on the matter and recognised the challenge of the information required for investigation lying more readily with the personnel and records of the City of Tshwane. Accordingly, ActionSA will write to the Acting Mayor and Speaker requesting the City to investigate the conduct of the two MMCs expeditiously and that ActionSA be afforded access to information arising from this investigation should any steps be necessary.

ActionSA called for a multi-party coalition meeting at which coalition partners were briefed about these concerns and the action steps resolved by ActionSA’s Senate. Coalition partners expressed their appreciation for the efforts to consult and for the steps taken to ensure that this multi-party coalition acts in a manner beyond repute.

ActionSA records its concern for these allegations and reaffirms our track record of acting decisively to deal with any form of wrongdoing. This sets ActionSA apart from our political opponents and it sets our multi-party coalition apart from the ANC and EFF.

It is imperative, especially as it relates to the tenure of senior government officials, that further facts and evidence are gathered, that due process is afforded to the MMCs and that action is not taken prematurely that undermines the stability of our multi-party government.

ActionSA will continue to investigate this matter and act transparently both with our coalition partners and the residents of Tshwane.