ActionSA to Re-Table Motion of No Confidence in KwaDukuza

ActionSA will re-submit a motion of no confidence in the Mayor, Deputy Mayor, Speaker and Chief Whip that has been placed on the agenda of the KwaDukuza Municipal Council for a meeting today 30 June 2022.

The motions were submitted with a view to serve before the municipal council at the end of July. In contradiction with the rules of Council, the matter was placed on the agenda for the meeting of 30 June 2022. This approach arises from the positive development of coalition talks, of which ActionSA is a part, to not just remove the ANC but replace it with a multi-party government that can deliver change to the people of KwaDukuza.

This particular development is one that must be nurtured. Talks to explore coalitions have recently begun. It was the collective view of these political parties that a short delay of these motions of no confidence will afford the requisite time for talks to develop in the best interests of a viable coalition taking the place of this failed ANC government.

Following the 2021 local government election, the management of the KwaDukuza Municipality has proven to be heading down the wrong path. The Mayor has proven to want to continue with the legacy of failed service delivery and corruption and the Speaker has demonstrated a willingness to protect the ANC rather than the Council.

The ANC lost their council majority in KwaDukuza in the 2021 local government elections. Despite being part of the national trend of a declining ANC, residents of KwaDukuza have revolted against the absolute failure, especially as it relates to the provision of stable electricity and water. ActionSA regards the removal of the ANC from this municipality as a necessity that must take place.

ActionSA regards this step of delaying this motion as necessary because it arises from the emergence of coalition talks that offer the prospect of positive change for the people of KwaDukuza. Having said this, ActionSA has been clear that this delay cannot continue past the end of July because we can never allow an ANC government to persist by virtue of our action or inaction.

The people of KwaDukuza have cause to be believe that not only will the ANC be removed from this municipality, but that a prospect exists for a multi-party coalition to emerge in its place. ActionSA will act to nurture this process to provide the greatest prospect of its success.