ActionSA To Report Jackie Shandu’s Racist Utterrances to Human Rights Commission

ActionSA will approach the South African Human Rights Commission to report the racist utterances of Jackie Shandu which he made on the steps of Durban’s City hall yesterday, Thursday the 29th July 2021.

In a video circulating on Social Media, Jackie Shandu, who styles himself as the “convenor” of a civil society coalition, can be heard leading the crowd in a chant to the effect of;

“One Settler, One Bullet”

“One Indian, One Bullet”

Shandu’s utterances follow tensions in the Phoenix community following several killings during the violence and looting of the last 2 weeks, where some community members took up arms, ostensibly, to defend their properties and businesses. Equally concerning were reports of racial tensions among community members in the city. According to reports, communities allegedly turned on each other in seemingly pre-emptive protection of their properties. These racialised tensions spilled over onto social media, further stoking the fires of abhorrent racism. 

We cannot allow Shadu’s utterances to inspire similar racialised attacks.

Shandu is also allegedly heard in a separate voice note alleging that “Indians were brought to SA as guests on the sugarcane plantations & must go back to India if they don’t like it here”

The blatant racism displayed by Shandu has no place in our public discourse. Every South African, irrespective of where you live and racial identity should be appalled by his comments.

ActionSA believes that our mission should be to unite the South African people into an inclusive society working to build a non-racialised future. We are convinced that the vast majority of South Africans want a home where racial divisions are brought to an end and not used by political opportunists to further their political aspirations.

Shandu’s comments are nothing short of a blatant attempt to fuel racial tensions for his own ends and, should they continue to go unchallenged, will be the genesis of fresh racialised violence in the province.

We will not be silent on-lookers in the face of such racism.

We demand that the South African Human Rights Commission take immediate action against Shandu.

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