ActionSA to Resubmit Motion of No confidence with Secret Ballot

Today ActionSA will resubmit its motions of no confidence in the Mayor, Deputy Mayor, Speaker and Chief Whip of the KwaDukuza Municipality in the north of KwaZulu-Natal.  

These motions will have the effect of placing the motions on the agenda for the Council Meeting to be held at the end of August 2022 rather than the meeting to be reconvened this week.  

ActionSA is convinced that such a step was necessary to write to the Speaker and require that the motions be held by secret ballot. It is clear from the last meeting that an atmosphere of intimidation and violence exists in the council and is aggravated by allegations of bribery and party leaders instructing Councillors to vote against the wishes of their communities.  

During the Council Meeting intended to hear the motions of no confidence, DA KZN provincial Chairperson, Dean Macpherson, was witnessed calling other parties aside and attempting to convince them not to support the motions. This is the desperation of the DA to not be the only party not supporting the motions and being alone in their betrayal of the will of their constituencies.  

Arising from the Constitutional Court Judgement (UDM vs Speaker of the National Assembly 2017), it was found that a Speaker is compelled to provide for a secret ballot when conditions prevent the will of the people to find expression by their government. This was conceived without the violence witnessed at our last meeting, assault of Councillors in the opposition benches and firearms being carried into the Council chamber by VIP protection personnel for the Mayor and Speaker.  

ActionSA is convinced that, given the chance to exercise their conscience, Councillors from the DA and ANC (who are under instruction to not support the motions) would support the removal of this failed government. This is especially true for Councillors from the DA whose communities support the removal of the ANC and yet have been instructed to not support the motions.  

The Speaker of Council has been given until 8 August 2022 to confirm whether secret ballots will be accommodated. Should the Speaker refuse to do so, ActionSA will proceed to the High Court in an urgent basis to force the Speaker to protect Councillors from the environment of fear, intimidation and pressure brought to bear from their party bosses.  

ActionSA is convinced that this measure is the right step to make. It is essential to ensure Councillors can represent their communities, while affording further time for the DA to return to the negotiating table after they collapsed talks on Monday 25 July shortly before the previous Council Meeting.  

There will be no apology from ActionSA about our approach to these motions of no confidence. The residents of KwaDukuza have spoken and, in their majority, they have elected to remove the ANC. Any party that seeks to keep the ANC in power by their actions to defeat these motions or collapsing coalition talks, is a betrayal to the people of KwaDukuza.  

ActionSA will fight for these motions to be heard so that the people of KwaDukuza see the ANC removed from government at the end of August. We will continue to work with all parties to ensure that this takes place.