ActionSA Unveils Second TV Advert Under Titled “South Africa’s Mr. Fix It”

Today, ActionSA unveiled its second 2024 National Elections television advert, exploring the concerns of a single mother raising children in a chaotic state.

She reflects on the progress made in the City of Johannesburg under Executive Mayor Herman Mashaba whose administration provided hope after many years of governance failures.

During his tenure, his administration increased the size of the Johannesburg Metro Police Department (JMPD) by 1,500 officers, provided support to substance abusers whilst waging a war against drug dealers, reclaimed hijacked buildings, insourced more than 6000 staff, and brought power to a number of informal settlements.

ActionSA’s Manifesto contains practical and implementable solutions to bring this kind of change to the rest of South Africa. But this vision can only be realised by taking action to remove the ruling party and voting for an alternative that has a track record of improving the lives fo all people.

We can create one nation, united despite our differences, with one patriotic purpose. As a patriotic party that proudly flies the flag, despite the crisis our country faces, we believe in our people and our ability to fix South Africa.

We ask South Africans to lend us their vote on 29 May 2024 – because Only Action Will Fix SA.