ActionSA Urges Parliament’s Ethics Committee to Make Example of Malema

ActionSA is pleased to learn that our complaint against Julius Malema to the Speaker of the National Assembly, for his public remarks encouraging illegal immigration in January this year, will see the EFF leader sanctioned.

At a Press Conference at the beginning of this year, Malema said the following:

“So let the borders be open and if the gates are not going to be open for SADC, fellow SADC people please find a creative way this is your home, your families are here. There is no ways anyone is going to close you out here. Lesotho and Free State are one thing, Mpumalanga and Swazi land are one thing, North West and Botswana are one thing, Limpopo and Zimbabwe are one thing. What is the point, there is no point at all…”

The link to the remarks can be viewed here.

We are a country with real challenges in terms of the rule of law, with unemployment and with government services that already fail the people of South Africa. Illegal immigration continues to deepen these issues in South Africa.

To add insult to injury South Africans are asked to pay the salary of a MP, who has sworn an oath to uphold and promote the very same laws of our country that he actively encourages people from other countries to break.

ActionSA will continue to call for the strict control of our borders and the protection of the sovereignty of South Africa. I call upon the Ethics Committee of the National Assembly to sanction Malema in the strongest terms possible, to send a message to MPs that they cannot promote lawlessness and anarchy in our country.