ActionSA Urges uShaka Marine World to Resolve Strike Involving 300+ Employees

As ActionSA, we express our deepest concerns regarding the unfortunate strike of over 300 uShaka Marine World employees.

The decision to down tools comes after prolonged negotiations between the employer and the employees yielded no results, leaving the amusement park’s gates closed indefinitely.

Upon learning of this unfortunate event, myself and other ActionSA councillors conducted an oversight visit at uShaka Marine, where we were able to assess the situation and engaged with both the employees and union leaders to comprehend the seriousness of the situation.

It is concerning to learn that wage increase talks have been ongoing for months, yet the employer and employees have struggled to find common ground. The fact that general workers at the theme park are paid less than R4000 a month is shocking and unacceptable.

While uShaka Marine has offered salary increases, including R1300 for general workers and a 5% – 6% increase for other grades, we firmly believe that these offers undermine the employees’ contributions to the theme park.

It appears that the eThekwini Municipality is failing in its responsibility to address and resolve such disputes. Without swift action, we risk losing another tourist attraction within our troubled municipality, as we have seen with other landmarks in the past.

Unfortunately, following the closures of Snake Park and the iconic Durban Fun World, uShaka Marine World stands as the sole theme park within our troubled municipality. Should uShaka Marine World fail to effectively manage the current situation, imminent closure is on the horizon, which will be yet another blow to our economy and the residents of eThekwini.

Therefore, we urge the management of uShaka Marine World to prioritize settling these disputes with their employees, finding common ground, and working towards a viable solution. The livelihoods of hundreds of workers and the reputation of our municipality are at stake.

An ActionSA government will prioritise all workers and ensure they are threaded with the dignity they deserve, and guarantee that work environments are healthy and conducive for all workers, to prevent such occurrences from happening.