ActionSA Vindicated as Ekurhuleni Mayor Recalls Incompetent EFF MMC for Energy, Water and Sanitation

ActionSA in Ekurhuleni welcomes the Mayor’s decision to recall incompetent Member of the Mayoral Committee (MMC) responsible for Energy, Water and Sanitation, EFF deployee, Cllr Manamela.

On 23 August 2023, ActionSA publicly called for the removal of MMC Manamela following major service delivery failures under his leadership. We now stand vindicated following his removal.

The MMC was responsible for critical departments which account for 60% of services rendered to residents, and which enjoys a majority of the City’s R55.3 billion budget.

As early as 19 June, our caucus began to witness major service delivery failures from the department he oversaw, beginning in Buhle Park which had been without power since April. Only after our intervention did work begin on installing new transformers.

On 3 August 2023, ActionSA organised a meeting between the HoD of City Planning & Service Delivery and Germiston business owners, who explained that the department failed to repair simple fuses or communicate restoration times, killing businesses in the area.

On 18 September 2023, following months without the adequate supply of water, residents in Kwa-Thema & Tsakane took to the streets to demonstrate their frustrations. ActionSA councillors were on the ground assisting residents, yet the MMC was nowhere to be seen during this crisis.

Under his leadership, businesses and the local economy were in precipitous decline as a direct result of the City’s energy and water crisis. We therefore welcome the decision of the Executive Mayor to recall Cllr Manamela from this critical department.

As a constructive opposition party in Ekurhuleni, we have demonstrated that political oversight during these crises is critical to reforming an underfinanced and poorly led department in the City. We will continue to hold the incoming MMC to the same standards as we did with Cllr Manamela.