ActionSA Vows to Push for Insourcing Across All Spheres of Government

ActionSA reiterates our position that when we take up seats in Parliament in 2024, we are going to push to introduce legislation to bring an end to the exploitative outsourcing practices by South African government departments and entities. This will include compelling government departments to perform feasibility studies and financial impact assessments prior to outsourcing any core functions of a permanent nature, such as security guards and cleaners.

In our 2021 Local Government Election Manifesto, ActionSA promised to pursue the insourcing of security guards and cleaners in all the municipalities where we would be part of government. This is a program that would see outsourced or third-party contract workers absorbed by municipalities where feasible and practical.

This is an initiative that was pioneered by the administration I led in 2017 as Executive Mayor of Johannesburg, in which 4,185 security guards and 1,879 cleaners were absorbed by the City.

Following the 2024 elections, we will therefore push for legislation aimed at limiting outsourcing only to instances where these services cannot be performed by government departments themselves, or where there is a legitimate reason why outsourcing would better serve the residents.

Today, ActionSA held a meeting with affected security guards and cleaners in Braamfontein to outline steps that will be taken by the ActionSA Johannesburg Caucus to advance insourcing. This includes the tabling of the motions calling for another round of insourcing, subject to the necessary feasibility studies.

We are pleased that the meeting was attended by over 1000 people.

Today, workers had an opportunity to give full accounts of the challenges they face under the conditions they currently work within City of Joburg entities when employed via labour brokers. This includes the non-receipt of payslips as part of their employment, while others to do not receive consistent wage and salary payments. These are just a few of the list of complaints of unfair labour practices and exploitation they face.

As part of ActionSA’s social justice programme, we remain committed to advancing the cause of insourcing of security guards and cleaners by state entities. We will ensure that as part of the multi-party government in Gauteng, we work with our coalition partners to see the insourcing programme through and restore the dignity of workers.