ActionSA Walks Away From EFF Proposal

ActionSA’s Senate met last night and resolved to close the door on a proposal presented by the EFF.

I have personally written to the EFF and communicated our position. It was a letter that respectfully expressed our appreciation for their engagements and our reservations regarding their proposal.

In the event of ActionSA’s involvement in a coalition government, our response also committed ActionSA to collaborate with any party with regard to the service delivery priorities of their constituencies in relation to the development of budgets.

While our Senate discussed a range of issues with the proposal, the primary issue related to the proposal being dependent on ANC support. ActionSA committed during the campaign that we would never work with the ANC, and any arrangement that is dependent on ANC support would be a violation of that commitment to the South African people.

ActionSA has been unapologetic that you cannot fix the problem in South Africa by partnering with the ANC which is the cause of that problem.

Under such an arrangement service delivery cannot be prioritised because the ANC wants departments filled with people appointed on the basis of who they know, not what they know. Under such an arrangement ActionSA could not fulfill its mandate to fight corruption because it would, invariably, be investigating and acting against those with whom it is in coalition.

ActionSA is working tirelessly with other political parties to produce a coalition arrangement that puts the residents first. We call upon all like-minded parties, in this respect, to act quickly and decisively and to put in place an arrangement that reflects the will of the South African people to remove the ANC from power and keep them in the opposition benches so that the work to Fix South Africa can begin.

To this imperative, we re-double our resolve.