ActionSA Warns Residents of Tshwane on a New Hijacking Trend Syndicate Targeting House Sellers

ActionSA Tshwane warns residents of Tshwane on the new hijacking trend that is believed to be a syndicate in Tshwane. This syndicate targets house sellers who advertise their houses on property websites.

It is said that one of them will contact a seller with “an interest in the property” that was advertised for sale or rental, the next step is to arrange for date and time for viewing, on the day of viewing, the so-called seller will come with two or more guys and they enter the property for viewing, the “buyer” and his accomplices will take out guns, point the sellers and order them to keep quiet.

These criminals will then tie the victims, order them to transfer monies from their banking apps, take their car keys and rob them of their cellphones. In some cases, the criminals even take the bank cards and credit cards to go do shopping while one or two will remain, keeping an eye on the victims.

We urge residents of Tshwane to exercise great care when selling their houses and try doing it through an estate agent. Those who wish to sell or rents their homes in a secure estate should let the guards know when you come for viewing and at what time, and if its not in a secure estate, let family and neighbour/(s) know, do not all go inside with the “viewers”, let someone wait a few houses from the property to monitor suspicious activity in the property so that they can alert the police.