ActionSA Welcomes Establishment of Ekurhuleni Coalition

ActionSA welcomes the announcement of an Ekurhuleni Mayoral Committee and coalition arrangement this morning

We are pleased by this progress given the pressing service delivery needs that exist in Ekurhuleni. ActionSA is committed to the multi-party coalitions in the Gauteng metros, to ensuring that the ANC is removed from office and that workable coalitions deliver effectively. 

ActionSA had adopted a position that we must conclude arrangements for the three Gauteng metros collectively. While progress is being made in Johannesburg and Tshwane, ActionSA’s Senate concluded that we should not hold up the announcement in Ekurhuleni. This decision is consistent with the commitment of ActionSA and the multi-party group that our collective commitment to the residents of these municipalities must supersede any party-political consideration. 

ActionSA would have preferred that the coalitions be finalised more expeditiously in Gauteng, but we hold the view that we will not be the cause of delays to a process that is urgently needed to give confidence to coalitions and service delivery. 

We have communicated our position to the multi-party coalition and emphasised that we remain committed to keep the ANC out of these municipalities. We have demonstrated this by the way ActionSA voted to remove the ANC and we remain committed to playing our part in the effective delivery of services to all residents.