ActionSA Welcomes New Approach from DA

ActionSA notes the communication by DA Leader, John Steenhuisen, in which he appears to have extended the olive branch of coalition to political parties.

While this new approach is a radical improvement from the bulldozing of coalition discussions which the DA perpetrated last week, it is a welcome improvement.

ActionSA used our votes in councils yesterday to elect DA Mayors because the collapsing of coalition arrangements and refusal of the DA to negotiate meant the alternative would have been ANC governments in these cities.

While Mr Steenhuisen’s newfound respect for coalition parties is positive it is more likely the product of the DA finding itself leading minority coalition arrangements without agreements in place – exactly where it didn’t want to be.

ActionSA is absolutely committed to putting aside all past experiences with the DA to work together in the interests of service delivery, fighting corruption and job creation. We demonstrated this yesterday with our votes and not just our words.

As we have committed to in the past, we will be open about these negotiations to ensure that the nature of all proposals prioritise the needs of residents. This is particularly important given that this should have been done before mayors were elected.

We call upon the DA to demonstrate the same level of maturity shown to them by the multi-party coalition group, and resume negotiations that put the interests of residents first.