ActionSA Welcomes Remarkable Progress at Rooiwal Water Waste Treatment Plant

ActionSA commends the substantial advancements made at the Rooiwal Water Waste Treatment Plant, a critical step towards ensuring clean water is accessible for thousands of households in the community of Hammanskraal.

By September 2024, over 39 000 households in Hammanskraal will finally receive the long-awaited assurance of clean and safe drinking water.

Through the unwavering commitment of ActionSA and collective effort of our coalition government-appointed contractors, such as General Building and Mechanical and Electrical, currently on-site, the Rooiwal Water Waste Treatment Plant has witnessed a remarkable transformation from an outdated and struggling infrastructure to a cutting-edge, environmentally friendly facility that will have the capacity to address the pressing water needs of the residents of Hammanskraal.

The improvement and resolute forward movement of the facility are testament to ActionSA’s dedication to providing essential services, safeguarding public health, and providing sustainable infrastructure. This milestone achievement signifies our commitment to ensuring that every citizen has access to a basic human right—clean drinking water.

The significance of this progress is far-reaching. Access to clean water is not only vital for the overall well-being of our residents but also a catalyst for growth and prosperity. By delivering on our election promise to provide clean drinking water to residents of Hammanskraal, we want to uplift the quality of life for all.

ActionSA commends the combined efforts of the leadership of this project, led by Deputy Executive Mayor, Dr. Nasiphi Moya, to drive this progress and ensure that no one in our communities is left behind.

As we welcome this significant achievement, we must remain vigilant in our commitment to providing access to clean drinking water for the people of Hammanskraal.

ActionSA remains resolute in its pledge to ensure infrastructure in our City remains sustainable and that no household is left without access to this fundamental infrastructure. By working together, we can ensure no citizen is deprived of their right to clean water.