ActionSA Welcomes Resignation of the Chair of Council and Calls for Renewed Leadership

ActionSA welcomes the resignation of Babalwa Ngonyama, the Chair of the UCT Council, in light of the damning recommendations made in the interim report by the Independent Panel of Investigation into UCT Governance, which has concluded that the Council must act with urgency to remove the Chair of Council.

Recognising the pivotal role of the University Council, it is of utmost importance that they assume primary responsibility for creating an environment conducive to efficient, effective, economical, and ethical achievement and implementation of the institution’s mission, objectives, goals, strategies, and policies, thereby promoting progress within the organisation.

In light of this responsibility, we reflect upon the regrettable developments of recent years and conclude that the University Council, under the stewardship of Ms Ngonyama, has not fully exemplified the expectations of their office, falling short of exceeding the established standards.

We remain optimistic that the new leadership will guide the University into an era characterised by stability and alignment, where dependability and progress prevail over uncertainty and institutional discord.

ActionSA firmly believes that this aspiration is fundamental to promoting access to quality higher education in South Africa.