ActionSA Welcomes the End of the eThekwini Strike Which Has Left Many Unanswered Questions

ActionSA welcomes the news that the strike that has engulfed the municipality over the last couple of weeks is coming to an end. The strike has had a devastating impact on residents and businesses.

Not only has waste piled up with the associated health risk but crucial service such as water and electricity have been severely compromised.

What has been a major concern is the level of intimidation and violence associated with the strike and in this regard ActionSA send condolences to the family of friends of the employee who tragically lost her life as a result of the strike.

Emanating from the strike are many unanswered questions. These include:

– How can SAMWU who are affiliated to COSATU who in-turn are part of the of the tripartite alliance with the ANC, be so strongly critical of the ANC led municipality? SAMWU has brought the ANC controlled municipality to its knees yet before the upcoming elections SAMWU and COSATU will be encouraging all their members to vote for the ANC. This is hypocrisy at its highest.

– How much of the strike and associated violence has been driven by factional battles within the ANC and MK? It certainly appears that a criminal enterprise is turning on itself.

– Which companies and individuals have profited from the chaos? An example being water tankers which have been appointed without going to tender and many would be making exorbitant profits.

Prior to the strike service levels in the municipality where at an all-time low. The strike has put a further nail in eThekwini coffin and the city is fast becoming a failed metro. It is clear that those tasked to lead the city are incompetent to do so.

There has been enough talk and it now time for action to fix eThekwini. The residents and businesses of eThekwini deserve better.

An ActionSA would work to address the underlying issues that led to the strike, and ensure that preventative measures are put in place to avoid such occurrences going forward. We will also prioritise the welfare of the municipal workers and ensure that their rights are respected and protected, which will involve implementing policies that improve working conditions, increase wages, and provide job security.