ActionSA will Continue Fighting for Military Veterans’ Due Benefits After Decades of Injustice

ActionSA has, over the past year, worked to tackle the burdensome and red tape-laden process that military veterans face in accessing the benefits they are entitled to by law.

In our commitment to ensuring that thousands of military veterans receive just and fair treatment, ActionSA is proud to announce the appointment of Jan Isaacs, a veteran and founder of the South African Coloured Corps Forum, as the Provincial Head of Military Veterans.

ActionSA’s Advocate Julie Seton has worked with Jan Isaacs for months to streamline the process for veterans to access benefits. We have successfully created a master file for all benefit applications, beginning with the crucial initial step of registering on the database which will assist veterans with the complicated task of accessing each benefit available┬áto┬áthem.

Currently, veterans must apply separately for each benefit using different application forms and supporting documents, with each benefit requiring submission to different officials.

ActionSA believes this to be an entirely impractical process, caused by poorly drafted legislation and regulations. This inefficiency has resulted in veterans being unable to access the benefits they rightfully deserve, leading to injustices for those who have served their country with honour. The deliberate sidelining of veterans by ANC-appointed cadres who disapprove of SANDF members applying for entitled benefits is a situation that ActionSA is committed to addressing and rectifying.

The unfortunate reality is that obtaining the necessary documentation for each benefit is a challenging process, resulting in stalled applications, lack of communication between Departments, and ultimately, veterans who find themselves languishing at home. We believe that this is unacceptable and demand that the Department of Military Veterans be held accountable.

ActionSA is committed to advocating for the acknowledgment of the rights of military veterans and will fight to ensure that existing regulations are amended, making it easy for all eligible veterans to apply for the benefits to which they are entitled.