ActionSA Will Not Be Intimidated by Thugs

ActionSA has learnt of an incident of intimidation, assault and theft that occurred yesterday afternoon, on or about 14h10.  Nomfundo Lekhane, a female volunteer standing as ActionSA Ward 63 councillor candidate stationed at the Hillbrow Theatre IEC Voter Registration Centre in Johannesburg was, allegedly, verbally intimidated, and physically assaulted by an unknown man who after slapping her, stole her phone and destroyed ActionSA posters at their registration booth.

Lekhane’s alleged assaulter is believed to be a supporter of the African National Congress (ANC). It is believed that the alleged assault and subsequent theft were the result of the attacker’s hatred of ActionSA and Herman Mashaba’s position on illegal immigration.

A case of assault, theft, and malicious damage to property has been opened at Hillbrow Police Station. It is disappointing to note that, whilst the matter has been reported, members of the South African Police Service (SAPS) believe it will be “impossible” for the assailant to be brought to book.

However, ActionSA will continue to pursue the matter and hope the SAPS will genuinely attend to the incident. All our people deserve the protection of the law, and SAPS cannot simply absolve themselves of their duty because it is “inconvenient”.

ActionSA will not tolerate any acts of intimidation against any of our volunteers. We are a country with laws, and we will not stand by while our people are intimidated, threatened, and physically harmed while exercising their democratic right to represent any political party of their choice, and to participate in democratic processes.

In addressing the alleged cause of the incident, let me be abundantly clear: South Africans and the world must know that we welcome people of the world to come to our country for various reasons that include work and/or leisure.

We would be remiss not to recognise that ours is a country built on the back of migrants who have added immense value to our various social and economic institutions. We also recognise the invaluable support we received from various countries on the African continent and around the world in the fight against apartheid.

Nevertheless, our gratitude cannot be perpetual. We cannot be expected to be a country where failing governments on our continent outsource their social and economic challenges to South Africa.

Admittedly, we have a fair share of our own. Our economy is failing, and the rule of law is diminishing; our public health system is not coping with the number of patients requiring its services for Covid-related health issues over and above regular health problems; and our educational system is failing to fully prepare our youth for the job market. These and many other challenges must dealt with and that cannot be done in an environment of lawlessness – this includes securing our borders.

Ultimately, Home Affairs must come to the party and ensure that those who are deserving of refuge in South Africa and those who can meaningfully contribute to our growth and diversity are properly regularised.

We encourage all South Africans of voting age to come out in their numbers to vote on November 1st and make their voices heard. ActionSA stands ready to provide a political alternative for all South Africans because our country deserves better. No amount of intimidation will deter us from the mission to Fix South Africa.

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