ActionSA Will Restore the North West to its Former Glory & that Work Has Already Begun

Bagaetsho Dumelang,

I am Kgosi Kwena Mangope;

ActionSA North West Provincial Chairperson.

President Mashaba, I accept this nomination as Premier Candidate-elect for the North West with humility and honour.

I believe my passion for human development and restoration of South African’s glory and pride will carry me through the intense months of campaigning and lobbying in the coming months.

As we march on towards next year’s National and Provincial elections, I just want to say that I am acutely aware of the difficult task of wrestling power away from the current ANC government in the North West.

ActionSA in North West has been hard at work on the ground and a significant marker of this is the number of branch launches we’ve had so far.

We have over more than 100 branches in the province audited as fully compliant and we are not stopping.

To us, this indicates our progress and inspires us to work harder to recruit more members into our ranks.

The 2024 elections will demonstrate South Africans’ collective dissatisfaction with the situation in our beloved country.

As ActionSA, we are cognisant of that and are encouraged by the reception we are receiving across the Province.

Today’s announcement of myself as a Premier Candidate demonstrates our commitment to work hard and grow our movement, but it is also a statement of intent that “Ditlamelwana tsa pula di baakangwa go sale le gale”.

Our growth in the province propels us to have more hands-on-deck as we commit to Fix South Africa every day.

So, we are going to hit the ground running.

We have set ourselves back on the path towards the kind of prosperity promised at the dawn of our democracy in 1994.

In my mind, as I accept this nomination, there is absolutely no doubt that ActionSA is the most viable alternative to the failed ANC government in our Province.

As Action SA, our focus as a party in the province is to help bring about the improvement of lives of all people.

We will focus specific attention on those living in rural areas.

Our province, North West Province, remains one of the most impoverished provinces yet it sits atop one of the largest deposits of precious metal and mineral wealth in the world.

We don’t have water, roads, facilities or even parks for children to play.

Under the ANC rule, the people of our province have been subjected to years of underdevelopment whilst government and political overlords fight daily for who gets to loot its limited resources.

Who can forget about the cattle worth R1.5 million that were stolen and gifted to former President Jacob Zuma by the North West Government.

Those cattle were bought with public funds and were meant for emerging farmers.

When we take over government, we are going to demand those cattle back and we will give them back to the rightful beneficiaries.

Over ten municipalities are under mandatory intervention and administration in the North West Province. We are known as the province with the worst run municipalities in the whole of South Africa.

Airport money meant for the refurbishment of Mahikeng International Airport and the Pilanesburg Airport in Rustenburg have been stolen.

North West has been turned it into a forgotten backwater village province for their narrow enrichment.

Ladies and gentlemen,

I am on record saying that our 2024 project is going full steam ahead of this announcement and it is our intention to unseat the ANC.

My decision to come out of retirement and join politics must be seen in the light of the problems we are currently facing.

I could not just sit still and hope for a better future, like Ntate Mashaba always says, “I am doing this for the future of our grandchildren and their children”.

It will be amiss of me not to reiterate the shortage of ethical leaders currently in the country.

Voters across our country are desperately searching for ethical leadership that can tackle our world-beating inequality, unemployment and crime.

The people of the North West are no different, but I am certain that they will now put their hopes and dreams on ActionSA when we go and vote next year.

We are the alternative that they have been waiting for.

We will lead the restoration of the North West Province back to its former glory.

After years of neglect and looting, the North West has become a shadow of its former self, with much of its infrastructure having gone into a state of disrepair.

Our public facilities have not been maintained for years now and we are stagnant.

When we take power, we will fix these facilities and ensure they serve the purpose for which they were meant.

Our community development facilities such as Odi and Mmabatho Stadium which have been stripped in broad daylight, will be fixed and repurposed.

We will ensure that our province’s rail network is restored and can assist in rejuvenating our economy.

As project 2024 steps into a higher gear, we will pay specific attention to the promises that we made in our first inaugural conference where we adopted policies that we believe will steer us into the path of prosperity.

Under ActionSA in the North West, I will ensure that our dormant industrial capacity is reinvigorated and jobs are created for the youth.

We will ensure that abandoned industrial areas such as Babalegi, Ga-Rankuwa, Mogwase and many other areas closed due to politics over the last 27 years, are brought back to productive life so that the people have the dignity of gainful employment.

As I leave this podium, I want to make this acknowledgement that I know South Africans are despondent under the ANC rule, but I implore you all to have hope in ActionSA.

We will lead by upholding the highest standard of ethical leadership.

We will ensure that crime is defeated and that we can create a conducive environment for businesses to thrive and create much-needed jobs.

Under ActionSA government, no tender will be issued to supply donkey carts to our people.

ActionSA will run a clean government that is accountable to the citizens and responsible for the decisions that we make.

Motswana o rile mmatla, sa gabo ga a swe lentswe.

So up until the time we achieve victory, we will not give up.


Thank you.