ActionSA Will Stand by KwaDukuza Residents – Even If We Stand Alone

ActionSA’s motions of no confidence in the Mayor, Speaker, Deputy Mayor and Chief Whip of the KwaDukuza Municipality in KwaZulu-Natal will finally serve before Council. These motions would pave the way to the removal of the ANC from this municipality and its replacement by a multi-party coalition.

The motions have been submitted with an application for secret ballots. This is precisely because of the prevailing atmosphere of fear and intimidation that characterises the environment of Council in KwaDukuza. This included statements from numerous councillors from different parties confirming their concerns for their safety in exercising the important accountability mechanism of a motion of no confidence.

The Speaker has not responded to the request and has elected to obfuscate on this obvious decision indicating her intention to announce a decision on the day of council. Given that this is intended to thwart a legal challenge, it is clear the Speaker intends defend the ANC and not the KwaDukuza Council.

The collapse of coalition talks by the DA on 25 July 2022 has resulted in a fracturing of the potential coalition partners on the motion of no confidence. As a result, it would seem that some of these parties will abstain during the motion of no confidence. This is tragedy for the people of KwaDukuza and for political parties who were committed to providing an alternative before the DA proceeded to collapse talks.

The DA’s basis for collapsing these talks must be seen for what it was, a false pretence. The DA collapsed talks in KwaDukuza over their demand that no party inside the coalition could seek the support parties outside of the coalition in order to obtain a majority in council. Despite this, it has clearly emerged that the DA Mayor of Tshwane attempted to solicit the support of the EFF to support the legally questionable unsolicited bid when his coalition partners refused to support his decision.

ActionSA will continue with its motions. We will stand for the residents of KwaDukuza in our bid to remove the ANC government in KwaDukuza, even if we stand alone. There will be no shame in standing alone on this matter because it was our commitment to the residents of KwaDukuza to work for the removal of the ANC.

The only shame today lies at the feet of the DA for collapsing talks which will guarantee the continued ANC governance of KwaDukuza Municipality. They alongside those who abstain in this motion, will have to bear these consequences from the betrayed residents of KwaDukuza.