ActionSA Wishes South Africa a Peaceful and Safe Easter Weekend

ActionSA wishes all South Africans and members of the country’s diverse Christian Faith Community a peaceful and safe Easter Weekend.

Additionally, we extend heartfelt wishes to South Africa’s Muslim Community as they reach the midpoint of the sacred month of Ramadan.

The Easter Weekend serves as a poignant reminder of the significance of family, as many gather from afar to commemorate the resurrection of Jesus Christ. Moreover, Easter prompts reflection on the potential for rejuvenation and optimism within South Africa.

This year’s Easter Weekend takes place roughly a month ahead of an important national election, and therefore – together with millions of fellow South Africans – we pray for the nation’s future and prosperity.

While reuniting with loved ones during this time is cherished, ActionSA urges everyone to prioritize road safety, refrain from driving under the influence, and comply with law enforcement directives.

ActionSA thanks those members of our law enforcement and emergency services who will be on duty to protect us as we enter this weekend. Their service to our nation is highly appreciated.

The Easter Weekend offers us all an opportunity to reflect on the months that have come before us and prepare for the months ahead. May we take the time to prayerfully reflect, spend time with friends and family and support those in need.