ActionSA Writes to Mohokare Mayor Requesting Her to Probe Municipal Manager’s Qualifications

ActionSA has written to the Mohokare Mayor, Zingisa Nomfundo Mgawuli, requesting her to probe the allegations that the Municipality’s Municipal Manager, Molatelo Johannes Kanwendo, has misrepresented his qualifications and that his citizenship is also questionable.

We call on the Mayor to request Kanwendo to produce his genuine qualifications necessary for the role he occupies.

Kanwendo is no stranger to controversy, he left Makhado Municipality under a dark cloud for his alleged role in bankrupting VBS.

Since his appointment at Mohokare Municipality, Kanwendo has been marred by controversy, his appointment tells of an appointment lacking both ethical conduct and merit. He was appointed on the 31st August 2022 allegedly by the Speaker through dubious means, his matter was referred to the Free State High Court.

ActionSA firmly believes that an appointment process lacking both ethical conduct and merit is a recipe for the entrenchment of patronage. Left unaddressed, this recurrent phenomenon threatens to further erode trust and the credibility in public institutions, while also raising concerns about the potential misuse of taxpayer funds.

Consequently, these individuals receive substantial remuneration at the taxpayers’ expense, all the while constructing their careers and public profiles on the fraudulent basis of holding academic qualifications. This conduct not only contravenes the ethical standards expected of public representatives but also constitutes a grave disservice to the hardworking taxpayers of South Africa.

In light of these concerns and the criminal nature of these offenses, ActionSA strongly urges both the Mohokare Municipality to promptly, transparently and with full accountability conduct the qualifications audit. This step is essential to resolve the issue and reinforce the values of ethical leadership that must underpin any credible government.