ActionSA Writes to SIU to Probe Panyaza’s Crime Wardens Scheme

ActionSA has written to the Special Investigation Unit (SIU) to investigate the crime prevention wardens scheme following the declaration by Gauteng Provincial Police Commissioner, Elias Mawela, that the wardens were not allowed to complete tasks assigned to members of the South African Police Service (SAPS).

For months, ActionSA has remained sceptical and weary of the unlawfully established employment scheme, which has been led by Gauteng Premier, Panyaza Lesufi, along with the Provincial Department of Community Safety.

We urge the SIU to probe the unit, which has hired and deployed individuals who have not been vetted nor properly trained to handle dangerous situations, placing themselves and their communities at risk.

Worse, they are not only a danger to themselves but to society as it’s been recently reported that since May, there have been 22 accidents involving the crime wardens.

ActionSA believes that with the continuation of this unlawful scheme, the Premier has committed serious malpractice and maladministration in connection with the administration of state institutions, assets and public money.

We maintain our call for a presidential proclamation that will conduct a thorough forensic investigation into the establishment of crime wardens, as it may severely harm the interests of the public and the very same wardens he is allegedly seeking to empower, including recouping monies paid to service providers.

A blind eye cannot be turned as the ruling government continues to use state resources to campaign and secure votes ahead of the upcoming general elections.

ActionSA will continue to fight this injustice and ensure that this gimmick is stopped. There is no room for corruption in this country, and we will ensure the law is applied.