ANC in KwaDukuza Deliberately Collapses Meeting to Avoid MoNC

ActionSA notes that the ANC in KwaDukuza provoked a physical altercation in today’s sitting of Council to deliberately collapse the meeting in a transparent attempt to avoid the voting on our motions of no confidence in the Executive Mayor, Deputy Mayor, Speaker of Council and Chief Whip. 

This is the same ANC that the DA were happy to let the people of KwaDukuza endure even further. In any event, ActionSA will be ready to submit fresh motions of no confidence tomorrow.  The ANC cannot evade accountability and the will of the people forever. 

Appreciating this violent conduct by the ANC, ActionSA, in the next sitting of Council, will move a motions for the vote of no confidence to happen by secret ballot. 

It is our assertion that we believe that if councillors were allowed to vote in secret that ANC and DA councillors would put a new coalition government in place to start providing service delivery for the people of this municipality.   

ActionSA remains steadfast in its commitment to unseating the ANC in this municipality and this work will never stop until the ANC is in the opposition benches.