Athol Trollip Announced ActionSA Eastern Cape Premier Candidate

Good morning Colleagues,

The Eastern Cape is an important fibre in the tapestry of our country’s rich heritage. Not only did our province provide us with the most prominent leaders who fought valiantly against the oppressive system of apartheid, it is also the most beautiful diverse province in South Africa.

The extraordinary wild coast and its vast marine reserves, the majestic mountain ranges and vast farming lands belies the pervasive poverty and lack of development that drives our people out of the province in search of greener pastures elsewhere.

Unfortunately, unlike the fairytale that we recently heard from President Cyril Ramaphosa’s SoNA Address, the state of the Eastern Cape under Mabuyane’s Premiership cannot be romanticised.

As a resident, and a 6th generation South African who grew up in the rural Eastern Cape, who has had the privilege of serving the residents of The Eastern Cap in all the different spheres of government- I am not naïve nor oblivious to our people’s hardship. I stand before you today to share a message and plan that will give hope to the people of the Eastern Cape.

Education Revitalisation

As Premier I will ensure that we allocate and use resources and funds to address the dire state of education in the Eastern Cape and ensure that immediate action is undertaken to meet minimum standards prescribed under the South African Schools Act.

I will undertake a comprehensive review of the education infrastructure grant to prevent underspending and ensure that we prioritise the completion of abandoned school construction projects, such as Nkwezana Primary, and eradicate pit latrine toilets. I will ensure that learners who have to travel more than ten kilometres to get to a school are provided transport.

Crime Prevention and Police Reform 

I will Increase resources for police stations in high-crime areas like New Brighton and border areas and ensure that we combat political meddling in police affairs to enhance the effectiveness of crime control efforts. We will invest in training and equipment for law enforcement to counter criminals armed with state-of-the-art weapons.

I will have a strong focus on the establishment of victim empowerment facilities for cases of gender-based violence and develop strategies to eradicate the scourge of rampant drug sales and resultant abuse within the province.

Infrastructure Resilience

An ActionSA government in the Eastern Cape will implement urgent measures to repair and maintain the province’s existing roads and drainage infrastructure. I will ensure that we address water leakages contributing to dire water shortages through the renovation of aging infrastructure.

We will invest in flood-resistant infrastructure to mitigate the impact of natural disasters. We will revitalise our provincial rail networks and stop vandalization of economic and civic infrastructure.

Environmental Protection

As Premier of The Eastern Cape, I will make it a priority and key focus area to tackle the issue of sewage discharges into water courses and pristine coastal waters through proactive maintenance of water treatment infrastructure and ensure that we take measures to prevent potential health disasters associated with negligent sewage treatment and pollution.

Agricultural Development

Under and ActionSA government, we will ensure that we promote diversification of the province’s economy by harnessing the full potential of agriculture. We will support and encourage local production of essential commodities, such as maize, to reduce dependence on imports.

We will ensure that our sought after primary agricultural products such as meat, wool and mohair and our perishable products such as citrus and deciduous fruits are able to be efficiently exported at our ports so that they are not compromised by unnecessary poor port productivity.

By Implementing policies that support agriculture as a key driver of employment and economic growth- the Eastern Cape will be transformed into a budding economy where jobs are created, rural communities are empowered, and the dignity of our people is restored.

Anti-Corruption Measures

In line with our commitment of declaring corruption as public enemy number one; I will hold senior politicians and public servants accountable for the responsible use of public funds and implement stringent measures to combat corruption and ensure transparency in public service.

Unemployment and Industrial Parks

Under an ActionSA government, we will implement strategies that will attract employment-yielding investments to the province and revitalize derelict industrial parks to promote entrepreneurship and generate employment opportunities.

Municipal Accountability

Finally, I will address the issue of dysfunctional municipalities by enforcing accountability measures. I will ensure that we put a stop to and prevent the forfeiture of conditional grants by underperforming municipalities. This can and will only be possible by having a professional public service, who are accountable to ethical political leaders who respect their roles as representatives of the people who put them in office.

Ladies and gentlemen, ActionSA will work tirelessly to bring about the positive change our province deserves. I stand before you today with a commitment to ensure progress, prosperity, and the well-being of every citizen in our beloved Eastern Cape.

Thank you.