Black Friday: Stage 6 Highlights Ruling Party’s Empty Promises to Fix Electricity Crisis

ActionSA believes the return of load-shedding stage 6 barely a week after the national voter registration weekend highlights that the ruling party cannot be trusted when it promises to bring an end to rolling blackouts and that it is simply unable to fix the current energy crisis.

It has been sixteen years since rolling blackouts were first implemented in 2007, and eight years since Ramaphosa promised an end to load-shedding as Deputy President in 2015, but South Africa, today, is nowhere closer to ending the energy crisis. How many times have promises been made, just for South Africans to be let down?

Load-shedding, which has cost South Africa thousands of jobs, is a self-made disaster by the ruling party which it has time and time again proven unable to address. The return of stage 6 load-shedding is therefore yet another reminder that the ruling party should urgently be removed from government in 2024 in order to end the ongoing crisis.

In line with our Energy Security Policy adopted at our inaugural policy conference in September 2023, ActionSA believes that the separation of Eskom should be expedited to allow for private competition in energy generation, and for private entities to sell electricity on the national grid.

ActionSA will work tirelessly to permanently bring an end to load-shedding by registering as many people as possible to vote in the 2024 national elections and vote to remove the ruling party. South Africans should register to keep the lights on and bring the country to prosperity. It is only when the ruling party is removed from government that we can start the important work of fixing South Africa.