Charges Laid Against ANC Bloc for Attempted Bribery and Corruption

Today the governing multi-party coalition represented in the Gauteng metros laid criminal charges against two councillors in the ANC voting bloc in Johannesburg for attempted bribery and corruption.

The charges arose from an ActionSA Councillor, Lincoln Machaba, who has sworn to a statement that he as approached by two councillors who offered R2 million in exchange for absenting himself from the Council meeting that heard the motion of no confidence in the Speaker of Council last week.

This revelation takes place at a meeting in which a handful of councillors from various parties voted against the coalition agreement and with the ANC to remove the Speaker of Council. This news demonstrates the criminal intent of the actions of the ANC  and its voting partners in Johannesburg and serves to demonstrate how it was personal benefit that motivated the conduct of the coalition councillors in question.

The advent of multi-party coalitions and the consequent ANC loss of metros across the country has spawned an era where votes are bought to reverse the outcomes of democratic elections. It is a violation of the democratic will of South Africans and it about votes being cast in direct exchange for large sums of cash, employment opportunities and the award of tenders. This has to be fought ruthlessly wherever it emerges, and we call upon the SAPS to ensure that those implicated are arrested and face the full might of the law.

It must be understood that the ANC has emerged from recent elective conferences with a renewed vigour to return to power in the Gauteng metros. This move is, undoubtedly, located in the desire to return to the looting of these metros ahead of a 2024 election where it is widely believed that the ANC will be removed from the province.

All parties in the multi-party coalition re-affirmed their support for these coalitions and the effort for these coalitions to provide strong and effective governance alternatives to decades of failed and corrupt ANC governance. The actions of those who sold their votes is condemned in the strongest terms and each party has undertaken to istitute disciplinary action for the violation of the will of the residents of Johannesburg.