City Manager Must Convene Special Council Sitting to Replace Delinquent Speaker

ActionSA welcomes reports that Congress of the People (COPE) has finally sacked embattled City of Johannesburg Speaker, Colleen Makhubele.

We note that Ms Makhubele has managed to stave off her termination in the past and we are optimistic that this firing will hold, and the people of Johannesburg can satisfy themselves that a Speaker with dubious intentions is no longer at the helm of Council business.

Makhubele will be remembered for her misapprehension of the Council Standing Rules. Her misinterpretation of Council Standing Rules has cost the City of Johannesburg fortunes. This same Speaker presided over the unlawful removal of the former Mayor of the City of Johannesburg.

It was under her reign where a decision to bring back Floyd Brink as the City Manager was tabled before Council. A decision which the court described as “impugned”.

As we welcome the decision by COPE, we strongly believe that this brings us one step closer to restoring order to the City of Johannesburg for its residents.

We, therefore, implore the City Manager to call an Extra Ordinary Council where we can elect a new speaker. A speaker that will abide by the Standing Council Rules and advance the service delivery needs of the people of Johannesburg.

As party rooted in ethical leadership, we will do our level best to ensure that the right candidate occupies this office. We need to close the Collen Chapter as soon as possible, the City cannot afford to go one day more without the Speaker.