Coalition Addresses Dispute in City of Tshwane, Agrees to Independent Investigation

The Coalition Oversight Group (COG) met on Tuesday 23 August 2022 to discuss the current dispute arising from the events in the City of Tshwane over the course of the last week.

The people of Tshwane deserve responsible government with sound stewardship of tax payers’ money and the multi-party coalition remains committed to providing a viable alternative to failed ANC government.

The dispute arises from an unsolicited bid from an energy service provider to obtain a lease of a portion of the Farm Rooiwal 270-JR and a portion of the remainder of portion 6 and portion 22 of the farm Pretoria Town and Townlands 351-JR.

The COG comprises national, provincial and caucus leaders of parties and is constituted in terms of the Coalition Agreement to maintain an oversight role to monitor the health and strength of the coalition relationships.

The coalition partners expressed their perspective that resolving the vulnerability of residents to ESKOM load shedding is a priority that should find expression in a competitive procurement process. The coalition further resolved that that all partners remain committed to the coalition government and to clean governance. The coalition is dedicated to combat all forms of corruption, irregularities and mismanagement.

The meeting therefore agreed to an independent investigation into the bid and allegations of possible impropriety involving the procedure followed. Leaders of parties resolved on the terms of reference and the investigation will be concluded within the next 60 days and presented back to the coalition structures before being made public.

All the coalition partners are committed to ensure a stable and successful government of the Tshwane Metro in the interests of all residents. This multi-party government serve as proof that responsible and clean government with effective consequence management is possible.

The future of South Africa beyond 2024 include coalition governments which will serve communities, root out corruption and ensure better service delivery.