Coalition At Full Strength and United Behind Brink’s Candidature for Mayor

The multi-party coalition in the City of Tshwane met last night and has reported back on all measures to ensure that the coalition is restored to its full strength ahead of today’s election of the Executive Mayor.

The multi-party coalition remains united behind the candidature of Cilliers Brink for Executive Mayor of the City of Tshwane. The coalition continues to hold confidence that he is the right candidate to correct many pressing demands for service delivery and achieve the principle of good governance.

This group of parties laments the instability that has arisen since 28 February 2023 and places this squarely at the feet of the ANC and EFF. These parties have driven a concerted programme of buying votes to undermine the majority that voters awarded the collective of parties within our coalition. It is the actions of these parties that have undermined democracy and crippled service delivery across all communities in Tshwane.

Today we will correct this situation by ensuring that the majority of our coalition is brought to bear on stabilising the City of Tshwane, restoring the leadership of this coalition and ensuring the focus returns to service delivery and good governance.