CoJ Governance Oversight Committee Successfully Concludes Strategic Planning

A key aspect of good governance is accountability. It is against this backdrop that we have Section 79 Oversight Committee on Governance within the City of Johannesburg. This committee considers quarterly performance reports of the Office of the Executive Mayor and its departments.

The Committee exercises oversight over implementation of key policies and programmes of the Office of the Executive Mayor and its Departments; considers annual reports and presents its findings and recommendations to Council.

To ensure that Committee members are armed with skills that they can use to discharge their mandate, a Strategic Planning Session was conducted at the Joburg Zoo.

As Chairperson of Section 79 Oversight Committee on Governance, I am proud to declare that our Committee successfully concluded the 2-day Strategic Planning Session. This goes to show the resolve of the Committee to ensure that the principles of accountability are upheld within our City and that the Executive is held to the highest possible standard of ethics and governance in the execution of their duties.

During deliberations, the Committee noted with some grave concerns issues that include underspending by some of the departments, overspending on salary in other departments and most importantly underperforming departments. Underperforming departments have been viewed as the cause of many service delivery protests within the City of Johannesburg.

Committee members also noted that in most cases departments which had challenges in delivering on their mandates in the previous quarter are not showing much of improvement.

The reports which are not submitted to the committee on time also dominated the session. This makes it difficult for the Committee to assess progress or to develop ways of mitigating challenges faced by the City’s residents.  The Committee agreed to conduct more oversights visits to ascertain the kind of innervation might be needed.

The Committee has also devoted to follow up the City Rejuvenation Plan including the buildings which were recently reclaimed by the City. The Committee will conduct an oversight visit to assess whether or not there have been any inroads made in this regard.