Crime Stats: Slight Reduction in Murder Rate Nothing to Celebrate as 77 Murders Still Take Place Every Single Day

ActionSA believes the slight reduction of 59 murders which took place between July and September this year compared to the same period last year is nothing to celebrate as it still amounts to 77 murders taking place in South Africa every single day.

With 6945 murders taking place in the third quarter of 2023, it highlights how Police Minister, Bheki Cele, has simply been unable to turn around the dismal criminal situation in South Africa which has continually deteriorated, and how South African communities have been left to their own defences.

President Cyril Ramaphosa’s refusal to recognise how abysmal Cele’s five-year reign has been further evidence that he is incapable of making the right decisions to fix South Africa. The truth is, President Rampahosa should have fired the Police Minister years ago and should do so today.

Urgent policy reform and attention are therefore needed to intervene at the South African Police Service (SAPS), partnering with civil society, to restore the rule of law and bring safety to communities which have been let down. Urgent attention must also be given to the socio-economic drivers of crime.

The crime statistics indicate that despite Minister’s Cele populist rhetoric, 6945 people were murdered between July and September 2023, or roughly 77 people every single day. Further to this, 13 090 people suffered sexual assault while 42 297 others were seriously assaulted.

The police recorded 45 348 cases of common assault during this period, 958 incidents more than in the same period last year.

ActionSA believes these statistics highlight why South Africa is in desperate need of a comprehensive overhaul of its police service to restore trust in it, fight crime and restore safety to communities.

In line with our Law & Order policy adopted by hundreds of delegates at the inaugural policy conference, ActionSA believes specialised policing units should be restored to fight complex crimes and syndicates, additional police officers should be employed and trained, the budgets for VIP protection should be reduced and bail for serious crimes should be abolished, including abolishment of parole for these heinous crimes.

ActionSA believes South Africa’s criminal situation can be turned around but that it will require political willpower, strong leadership and providing a credible alternative to the current failed system. We are committed to achieving that goal.