Crime Wardens: ActionSA Condemns AmaPanyaza Remarks by Multiparty Charter Partner

ActionSA, as a party which is deeply rooted in diversity and non-racialism, condemns and distances itself from the racially insensitive and tone-deaf remarks made by DA Leader, John Steenhuisen, regarding the crime prevention wardens scheme led by Gauteng Premier, Panyaza Lesufi. 

While we have our misgivings about the legitimacy of Lesufi’s crime wardens and reject the government’s attempts to legitimise the scheme, ActionSA does not tolerate the demonising of individuals employed in this scheme, who are simply seeking a better life.

The comments made by the DA are not a reflection of the Multi-Party Charter, an alternative government that is committed to building an accountable, inclusive and capable democracy that is free of corruption and discrimination.

ActionSA, unlike the DA is holding Lesufi accountable by taking action against him within the parameters of the law.

On Wednesday, we engaged with and presented evidence to the Special Investigating Unit (SIU) against the Premier’s notorious programme, which is nothing more than a hurried scheme established for electoral campaign purposes.

These crime wardens, who have now been recognised as peace officers, are nothing more than Premier Lesufi’s private militia, which still lacks the authority to carry out  duties assigned to traffic officers.

This is a complete disregard for the safety of residents in Gauteng.

ActionSA has consistently reiterated that the entire scheme is a mere gimmick, which has placed not only the wardens lives at risk but also residents as inadequately trained individuals have been unlawfully authorised to protect communities. This can be, and should be, seen as state-sanctioned vigilantism.

Despite the severity of this situation, we do not condone any racially offensive remarks made against the wardens and will continue to ensure that the rule of law is applied to bring an end to corruption, which has come to characterise our country.