DA Abandons Residents of Nelson Mandela Bay to Remain in the Comfort of Opposition

It is a shame that with the hapless ANC led coalition against the ropes, today at a sitting of the Nelson Mandela Bay municipal council, the Democratic Alliance boycotted the meeting which was called to vote on a motion of no confidence against the Mayor of the municipality.

The motion of no confidence arose from a petition signed by a majority of councillors of the Nelson Mandela Bay municipality. These included councillors of the DA. Despite this, the DA’s non-attendance today has handed a lifeline to the ANC to continue misgoverning the municipality.

Of the parties that signed the motion of no confidence, only the VF Plus and ACDP had sufficient commitment to the people of Nelson Mandela Bay to show up at Council today.

Earlier this week the Democratic Alliance briefed the media, explaining that they would not take up the responsibility of coalition government in Nelson Mandela Bay citing a number of tenuous reasons for not wanting to step into the breach at a time when the city needs good leadership and governance most.

In so doing, the Democratic Alliance has condemned the residents of Nelson Mandela Bay to 4 more years of failed delivery, corruption, and mismanagement.

What is evident is that the DA’s decision is based on what suits them.  They want small, tidy coalition governments with large majorities and are unwilling to serve the residents unless they get their way. The problem is that this is not in line with their 2021 local government election promises. It would seem that the desperate needs of the residents of Nelson Mandela Bay do not feature as a consideration in their decision making.

The residents of Nelson Mandela Bay have been failed by the ANC for many years. They had a taste of change and good governance in 2016 to 2018. They suffer from profound failures in service delivery that, even by South African local government standards, are appalling. It is unforgivable that a political party could lack the backbone to deal with the challenges of a municipality in such a time of crises, which is when residents need political leadership most.

ActionSA is currently launching structures throughout Nelson Mandela Bay , so that we can begin challenging for seats in the Municipal Council.  ActionSA does this because we believe that pragmatism, in the interests of our residents, is necessary to form coalition governments to remove the ANC and provide competent corruption free government.

ActionSA will avail ourselves in coalitions that remove the ANC when we gain representation in Nelson Mandela Bay because we will make decisions based on what the residents need and not what suits us as a political party.

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